Polls and Quizzes Dominate This Week’s Emerging Top Apps on Facebook

Games hold the top four spots on this week’s list of emerging apps from AppData, but the remainder goes almost entirely to polls and quizzes. Facebook has questions, and developers seem to have the answers — even if most of these poll apps continue to get low user ratings.

Also take note of the several foreign-language apps. The two using Chinese characters are both games, while Mignon & Sexy and Akinator are both French quizzes. Foreign-language apps are a growing part of these lists, which highlight apps that are growing quickly but have yet to break past a million monthly active users (MAU). Here it is:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Garden World 835,217 +396,647 +47.49
2. Wild Ones 788,966 +368,478 +46.70
3. Three Kingdoms Online – Best Browser Game of 2009! 857,967 +338,310 +39.43
4. My Town 672,974 +319,219 +47.43
5. Mignon & Sexy ? 313,942 +264,843 +84.36
6. 開心寶貝 427,189 +225,895 +52.88
7. Poll Daddy Polls 478,447 +182,934 +38.23
8. Polls 328,769 +179,316 +54.54
9. Flying Dog 826,573 +171,154 +20.71
10. Akinator 234,321 +158,488 +67.64
11. Show Some Love! 391,229 +141,964 +36.29
12. Dr. Phil’s Personality Test 480,945 +127,651 +26.54
13. Happy Hotel 950,714 +126,684 +13.33
14. Who Has The Best Profile Picture ? 333,175 +120,909 +36.29
15. Name Generators 890,438 +119,280 +13.40
16. What is the symbol of your personality? 354,310 +115,104 +32.49
17. New Year’s Resolution Generator 208,435 +108,666 +52.13
18. Who Are You In Your Group of Friends? 311,967 +98,913 +31.71
19. 開心花園 446,177 +97,802 +21.92
20. Warstorm 423,940 +94,324 +22.25

Mignon & Sexy, the simple either / or quiz in French that’s also the first non-game app on the list, is a great example of how even minimal functionality (and, some might say, a shoddy user interface) can pick up heaps of users if the subject matter seems interesting. “Mignon”, by the way, means cute; “sexy” speaks for itself, and is a subject that, as they say, always sells.

Following up are Poll Daddy and Polls, both apps that let their users create polls and quizzes for others to take. Poll Daddy is part of a well known web company, WordPress creator Automattic, and made its name on news websites during the 2008 political season.

Getting away from the various quiz and poll apps, there are two others further down the list: Show Some Love!, coming in at number 11, and Name Generators at 15. The former is a variation of the ever-popular poke-style apps that are now bringing in virtual currency (love bucks) and more game mechanics to keep people involved. Pillow Fight, which recently outgrew this list, is a larger version of the same trend.

Name Generators, which comes up with fantasy names (your Princess name, stripper name and so forth), has flirted with popularity for weeks, but has one big problem: users don’t return. Check out the graph below, showing daily average users — the number is pretty low. If you’d prefer to read more about the up-and-coming games, head over to our list on InsideSocialGames.

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