Political Attack Ad Faults Chris Kelly For Facebook Privacy Flaws

Weeks after Chris Kelly, Facebook’s ex-Chief Privacy Officer condemned Facebook over their Instant Personalization service, he has become the victim of a political attack ad, blaming him for releasing “your private information”. It’s a pretty questionable advertisement and borders on false accusations. It’s a sign that the California attorney general race has just turned dirty.

Whether or not such types of advertisements will truly have a damaging impact on Chris Kelly’s Attorney General campaign is unknown, however Kelly has attempted to clearly distance himself from the company’s ongoing privacy criticism. Honestly, these forms of ads don’t tend to personally improve my opinion of candidates, however past campaigns have proven that attack ads can work.

Ultimately Chris Kelly can’t be faulted for the ongoing issues, although he had been the Chief Privacy Officer during the Facebook Beacon fiasco. According to the Los Angele Times, an early May Poll put candiate Kamala Harris, who launched this attack ad, ahead of Kelly by a healthy margin, although there’s still plenty of time before the final vote.

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