Pocket Gems tries its hand at multiplayer with voice-based All Talk

Pocket Gems is branching out of its comfort zone with All Talk, an asynchronous social game that challenges players to guess words based on audio clues. The game will be released in July on iOS and Android, making it the company’s first simultaneous cross platform release.

In the game, players record and send voice clues to each other, trying to describe an item without using the words that most commonly go with it. For example, explains Pocket Gems chief operating officer Ben Liu, if the word a player had to guess was sugar, the clue couldn’t include words like sweet, white, cane or coffee.

Players on the receiving end of the clues have three chances to guess the word. Correct guesses add to a player’s winning streak and reward them with in-game currency. Being a cross-platform game, All Talk offers several social options to connect Android and iOS users. Players can start a match with their Facebook friends, invite users by email, use Game Center on Apple devices and challenge random opponents.

Liu tells us All Talk is the world’s first multiplayer voice-based game, and the title is just the tip of the iceberg for Pocket Gems. “We feel this is the early days of mobile and there’s lot of opportunity to create new types of gameplay and social interaction,” he says. While the core of the company will continue to focus on the simulation titles that made Pocket Gems into a leader in the mobile space, the company has also set aside resources to create more innovative titles like All Talk.

The simultaneous release of the game also makes good on the company’s promise to produce more on Google’s Android platform. While Pocket Gem’s Android revenues don’t yet match its iOS revenues, they are increasing as the platform matures says Lui, who reports Pocket Gems has seen all the monetization and core metrics on Android increase since the company arrived on the platform 10 months ago. The company is also releasing its early iOS hit Tap Pet Hotel on Android today.

While Pocket Gems made its name with breakout iOS hits like Tap Zoo, as competitors like Zynga and TinyCo released similar games, Pocket Gems’ titles lost chart momentum on iOS. The company’s response has been to push the creative envelope, a tactic that appears to be paying off. According to AppData Pocket Gems’ exploration simulation game Tap Paradise Cove is currently the No. 11 top iPhone grossing app. On Android, the company’s most recent game, the battle-strategy simulation Tap Dragon Park has also done well, hitting No. 12 on the top grossing Android app chart.

Pocket Gems titles have now been downloaded more than 80 million times across Android and iOS.

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