PMD SocialClicks’ newest Facebook oCPM optimization feature: 25 percent lift in conversions


SocialClicks, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, shared the success of the addition of automated bid and budget optimization for oCPM ads on Facebook: 33 percent lift in impressions, a 25 percent rise in conversions and 30 percent jump in clicks — when compared to ads run without the auto-optimization.

SocialClicks tested the features of its oCPM auto-optimization via the SocialClicks Advance Suite in nearly 20 global markets with brands of various sizes. The tests were also completed with a 15 percent lower cost.

Alon Michaeli, Founder & CEO at SocialClicks, commented on the newest feature as well as the early progress:

We’re thrilled to introduce this new capability, now driving powerful results for our clients around the world, and excited to offer programmatic advertising solutions at the forefront of the industry with new features such as Automated Optimization for oCPM.

In a press release, SocialClicks explains the science behind the oCPM optimization addition to the suite:

Facebook’s oCPM (Optimized Cost per Mille) ads automatically adjust bids on behalf of marketers based on their predefined campaign targets in order to deliver ads to the most relevant audience, providing incredible results for advertisers across the platform.  Now, the newest feature of SocialClicks Advance is adding an additional layer optimization over this already powerful tool with proprietary automated bid and budget optimization algorithms, which are designed to adjust budgets and bids programmatically based on historical campaign insights, real-time data and likely future outcomes.  Through the SocialClicks Technology Suite, oCPM ads are optimized according to predefined ROI and CPA goals, allowing for the intelligent programmatic adjustment of ads and campaigns to ensure these targets are reached.