Plurk Launches Campaign '08 Features

Plurk, the micro-blogging service which received a lot of buzz earlier this year, is pulling a Twitter and launching “Plurk the Vote”. According to the press release, “Plurk the Vote provides a platform to share political beliefs and discuss in real-time the key issues that will decide the 2008 Presidential election. Registered Plurkers hosting their own mini-election during Plurk the Vote also have the chance to win $5,000 in prizes for the most lively discussion and participation.”

The service is similar to the Election 2008 product rolled out by Twitter last month in that it parses through “plurks” (the equivalent of “tweets” on Twitter), and filters out those messages related to Obama, McCain, Joe Biden, and Sarah Palin. The other component of this new “Plurk the Vote” campaign is that users gets to set up their own mini-elections.

The user who attracts the most number of votes will receive $5,000. So far the majority of Plurk users appear to be liberal. 84 percent are voting for Obama and 16 percent are voting for McCain. Apparently undecided is not an option on this poll! Adding political features is clearly a trend in the social media space. C-Span launched Debatehub, Facebook launched a registration application, and of course Twitter launched Election 2008.

This is one more site to add to the mix. Plurk has continued to grow rapidly but most of that growth appears to be abroad. shows the site is growing at a furious pace whereas shows the site has been on the decline domestically for the past few months. Are you on Plurk? Do you use the service frequently?