Playdom’s New Game Breaks a Million DAU on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games

Today’s AppData list of the fastest-growing Facebook games by daily active users is all about City of Wonder, the new Playdom game referenced in this post’s headline. The city-building game has been leading both our monthly active user and DAU lists for a couple weeks now, and shows no sign of stopping yet.

However, the top 20 list shows a strong challenger:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1.App_2_114335335255741_9738 City of Wonder1,031,022+206,152+25%
2.App_2_122353571139137_4163 The Price Is Right Game253,605+199,242+367%
3.Original Pet Society2,677,253+187,093+8%
4.Original Pirates Ahoy754,747+157,444+26%
5.Original Ninja Saga1,008,422+125,732+14%
6.App_2_121754687869283_9419 snsplus139,762+110,615+380%
7.Original Bejeweled Blitz4,305,236+107,079+3%
8.Original MMA Pro Fighter263,787+95,277+57%
9.Original 開心水族箱1,426,889+90,246+7%
10.Original Bubble Island928,411+81,097+10%
11.Original 開心農場1,338,251+72,872+6%
12.Original Millionaire City1,363,328+68,633+5%
13.Original Sorority Life618,456+66,283+12%
14.Original Monster World531,666+63,956+14%
15.Original Café World4,418,157+59,880+1%
16.Original Wild Ones626,627+57,598+10%
17.Original 快樂島主210,266+52,797+34%
18.App_2_144320435592910_7250 Critter Island62,058+52,590+555%
19.App_2_110820195607894_7310 Revienta el teclado100,947+49,088+95%
20.App_2_347486061825_9369 Cafe Life449,374+48,648+12%

Coming in right behind City of Wonder is The Price Is Right Game, by Ludia. This game is based on the classic game show of the same name; we’ll have our review for it out later this morning.

Pet Society, Ninja Saga, Sorority Life and other older games on the list seem interesting at first, but they’re not doing anything new; larger old games often produce temporary changes in their stats over the period of a few days without ultimately growing or shrinking much.

The games that are worth looking at today are MMA Pro Fighter, from Digital Chocolate, and Bubble Island and Monster World from Wooga. These two mid-sized developers are both in the process of breaking into the top 10 developers by DAU with their slow-growing hits; Digital Chocolate is at number 10, while Wooga is close behind at number 11.