Playboy to Launch Made-for-Mobile Series


MobilizedTV is reporting that Playboy is set to launch its first made-for-mobile series called “Interns,” which apparently has more in common with regular reality shows than anything Hugh Hefner would usually release.

“It’s all about the demographic,” the report said. “Playboy rightly assesses that it’s the 18 to 24 year old group that’s watching content on the mobile platform (and, to a large extent, online as well).”

That gives the venerable magazine an opportunity. “One of the missions of the digital media group is to expand the brand,” said Playboy’s Don McGuire in the article. “Things like this are building blocks to building the brand. We’re looking at the 18 to 24 target audience with a male/female split, and we think ‘Interns’ hits that sweet spot well.”

Swan Haus Media will deliver 90-second versions of regular four-minute episodes; season one will comprise six of these. Company co-founder Tripp Swanhaus said in the article the focus for mobile was to keep the content light and entertaining. “From a technical standpoint, you don’t want to do a lot of pans, not too much cutting, because sometimes the delivery system is slower… Each episode is self-contained, which means you can jump around the episodes non-linearly without losing the story thread.”

The series will debut on November 18; for more information, text “Interns” to 75629.