play2prep offers free multiplayer SAT / ACT test prep on iOS, Android


Mobile developer play2prep has released a new version of its multiplayer mobile game of the same name, aimed at helping users prepare for SAT and ACT tests by competing against friends. The game was developed in association with ‘leading educational publishers’ to give the game questions like those found in the real-world tests.

The play2prep game offers both single-player and multiplayer gameplay. For a solo session, gamers can practice with free daily questions, with five each available for both the ACT and SAT. Each question offers its own instructions and time limit for completion, as well as an explanation for the correct answer.

For multiplayer gameplay, users can sign up with their email, or login to Facebook to access their friends lists. Once an account is created, users can invite their Facebook friends to compete, or challenge members of the play2prep community. These games are split into three rounds, and see players crafting questions for their opponents to answer. This involves choosing the overall category, like math or reading, the time limit, and number of available points if answered correctly.

The opponent earns the points if they answer the question correctly, but the crafter receives the points if they’ve stumped their opponent.

As a free-to-play game, play2prep offers optional power-ups to help users answer tough questions. These include a boost in time, an elimination of some multiple choice answers and a hint to the question’s answer.

As players answer questions in bulk, they can track their skills in a confidential in-app dashboard, which is new to the app’s latest update. This tracks the number of questions correctly answered across multiple categories, like critical reading, math and writing, and breaks these categories down into sub-categories. In the area of ‘writing,’ for instance, users can track their knowledge of passive vs. active voice, conjunctions, noun agreement and much more.

“For decades, the test prep process has been a solitary, unpleasant and expensive chore,” said Kenny Nova, founder of play2prep. “By creating a rigorous and accessible social game for students, we’re attempting to dramatically lower the barrier to entry for expensive test prep. We’re proud that the game is making test prep a lot more engaging and student-friendly. The game is designed for students to play on their mobile devices, so with teens’ busy schedules, they can turn time spent on their phones into valuable prep time.”

play2prep is available to download for free on iOS and Google Play. Check back soon to follow the app on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.