Play PC games on your Win8 tablet with TouchFox and Green Man Gaming

Owners of Windows 8 tablets may feel left out of the loop when it comes to the multitude of games released on Android and iOS devices, but Overwolf’s TouchFox controller overlays give them something the others don’t have: the ability to play complete PC games on their tablets.

Previously available in beta, TouchFox is officially launching for Windows 8 tablet owners, alongside a partnership with Green Man Gaming, allowing users to purchase individual controller overlays for their favorite (supported) games.

While getting a PC game onto a Windows 8 tablet is easy enough, TouchFox makes playing them without extra peripherals a real possibility. Each controller overlay will be available, starting tomorrow (June 17), for $3.99 on Green Man Gaming, and will add a complete controller overlay to the bottom and sides of the tablet’s screen, with every button users need to play a specific game.

Once users install Overwolf on their device, they just need to buy the controller of their choice and run their game with Overwolf running. This triggers the controller on-screen, and players can get down to business.


“Remember the Win8 device you bought and didn’t know why? We have the answer – it’s for gaming and we are thrilled that Green Man Gaming are now offering this to millions of core gamers from around the world.” said Uri Marchand, CEO of Overwolf. “We’re seeing a huge resurgence in PC and tablet gaming that is changing the way people play games. TouchFox lets you play your favorite PC games on the go, wherever life takes you, and yes, that is very cool.”

Starting tomorrow, gamers can purchase individual controllers for a handful of games, but more will be added in the future.

Supported Games:


Borderlands 2

The Witcher 2

Crysis 2

DC Universe Online

Castle Crashers

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons


F.E.A.R. 3