Plarium Launches Medieval Kingdom Building Game Magecraft on Facebook

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Social game company Plarium has launched Magecraft on Facebook. The game takes players to a medieval kingdom, and challenges them to rule the land with an army of their design. Gamers are led through the game with quests, which introduce them to the game’s city-building and battle mechanics.

In Magecraft, players build their kingdom with training facilities, barracks, mansions, watchtowers, workshops and many other buildings, each with a different purpose. The “Swordsmen’s Post,” for instance, is specifically for the training of swordsmen military units. Instead of a free-form village, users place buildings on one of the empty plots assigned on the map.

Gamers collect and spend a variety of resources to build their kingdom, including food, stone, lumber and iron. Buildings either require or produce these resources, and upgrades increase the kingdom’s overall productivity and storage capacities. A research system allows gamers to unlock advanced technologies, which increase production even more.

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Once users have trained their soldiers, the army can be sent to attack rival kingdoms in the hopes of retrieving free resources. Battle takes place automatically over time, and players are sent a message to their in-game inbox with the results. After battle, players will have likely suffered losses, and must train new soldiers to replenish their strength. Users also have the choice of paying premium currency to heal injured soldiers instead.

While tasks take time to complete, the game offers a variety of boosts for speeding up construction, training or upgrades (among other tasks). These boosts reduce timers by at least 60 seconds, but may knock out four full days of time at once. With this many options, players can spend less premium currency to purchase just the boosts they need, rather than spending currency (real money) for time they don’t need.

Magecraft is available to play for free on Facebook.