PlaceUs Releases Location Sharing App on Android

Alohar Mobile has announced the launch of its location-sharing platform PlaceUs on Android devices. The app gives families, friends and other personal social groups the ability to share their locations and real-world activities with others, as a way to keep all necessary people in the loop of one’s life. The app automatically tracks the places a user visits, and sends notifications to connections when arriving at or departing from a location.

With PlaceUs, parents can keep track of their kids’ after-school activities, as they can be notified when their children leave school or arrive at a friend’s house, as examples. The app tracks both arrival and departure times for locations, and can even be used to track someone’s location while they’re in motion. That is, the app’s map shows “up-to-the-minute” location updates and moving trails when others are traveling.

PlaceUs - Android Apps on Google PlayAs users continue to use PlaceUs, the app becomes smarter, tracking the locations users spend the most time in (like at home or the office) and gives users the opportunity to “love” when someone arrives at or leaves a place. After learning from these travel activities and the way(s) users connect with close contacts, the app can “anticipate” and automate the expected communication around common tasks, like texting someone a user’s arrival time at a destination (“I’ll be at your house in 10 minutes”) or asking a loved one if they need anything from the store.

PlaceUs offers a private mode, allowing users to keep their location hidden from all connections for up to 24 hours. Furthermore, while “always on,” the app ensures users it uses low battery power to function.

“We check in with our closest contacts surprisingly often throughout the day—whether it’s texting a spouse to make sure the kids were picked up from school or letting friends know when we’re running late,” said Sam Liang, CEO and founder of Alohar Mobile, in a statement. “It’s necessary but also burdensome. With PlaceUs, all that information is shared automatically, allowing people to be closer without all the extra effort.”

Going forward, the company hopes to use its technology to connect to wearables, offering new sensory elements to the experience, such as blood pressure and heart rate tracking. In addition, the app will be able to determine when someone won’t be able to make it to a meeting or event, like picking up the kids from school, and will notify someone in their inner circle who’s closer to this pickup location. Finally, PlaceUs technology will eventually be used to detect and report car accidents in real time.

PlaceUs is available to download for free on Google Play. The app was previously released on the iTunes App Store.