Pixelmatic combines match-three with RPGs in Gem Wizard


Pixelmatic has announced the launch of its blitz-style match-three game Gem Wizard on iOS and Android. The game combines match-three with RPG-inspired item collecting and crafting, and was created by a team of industry veterans from companies including Ubisoft, Activision and Relic.

When starting Gem Wizard, players choose their starting weapon and gemstone. Each has a different effect on the overall gameplay, with daggers rewarding players with extra gold, and the wand offering an XP boost, as examples. Meanwhile, gems give players access to spells, like one for stopping the clock while playing, or another for destroying gems in a fiery blaze.

In each 60-second game, players tap on groups of three or more like-colored, touching gems to remove them from the screen. The faster players remove gems, the more points they’ll earn. Likewise, the more gems players remove in a single tap, the more power-ups appear on the screen, like one that clears a 3×3 section of gems from the board, regardless of color.

After each game, players receive experience points and dropped collectibles. These items may include gem fragments which can be melded to create stronger gems. Elsewhere, players can spend premium currency to unlock chests containing stronger weapons, some of which can be equipped with multiple gemstones for a combination of effects.

“Gem Wizard’s soft launch in Japan has been very well received and we’ve seen some very enthusiastic players that have already managed to craft some of the very rare items,” said Samson Mow, Founder and CEO of Pixelmatic. “We’re thrilled to finally be releasing Gem Wizard for players around the world to enjoy.”

Gem Wizard is available to download for free on iOS and Android. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.