Pitch: Marketing Firm That Did Not Create Old Spice Campaign Offers to Comment on Old Spice Campaign

A reader recently sent in this pitch from a marketing firm offering up comment on the much talked about Old Spice “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign.

Did they have anything to do with its creation? Nope. But can you blame them for trying to get a piece of the media action? Maybe. Of course, any reporter would go to Old Spice or their agency first for comment, but maybe this is the next best thing?

Read the pitch after the jump and tell us what you think.

Subject: Internet Marketing Firm Serves as Expert on Viral Marketing Campaigns: Old Spice Campaign Success

Webbed Marketing, a leading Internet marketing firm, serves as a source for stories on how to implement successful viral marketing campaigns, creating the kind of viral buzz that came with the Old Spice campaign.

Webbed Marketing, a leading Internet marketing firm, based in Columbus, Ohio, is available as a viral marketing source for the media and other outlets covering topics related to the Old Spice phenomenon.

“The Old Spice campaign has been called the greatest viral marketing program in history,” Bill Balderaz, founder and chief optimism officer of Webbed Marketing, said. “The Old Spice guy has response videos to celebrities like Alyssa Milano, and business execs like G4TV Founder Kevin Pereira, generating millions of views. The key for online campaigns is to mesh awards, buzz and viral popularity with ROI, which is exactly what we specialize in at Webbed Marketing.”

Webbed Marketing has specialized in viral marketing campaigns since its founding in 2006. Now, the firm is widely recognized as an expert on the ins and outs of managing successful viral programs. If you’re looking for an expert to talk about the key elements of the Old Spice and other viral campaigns, the viral marketing experts at Webbed Marketing can help.

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