Pitch Analysis: Saying A Lot But Not Saying Anything

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This was sent to us by a blogger who stated, “These press releases really kill me.” We’ve removed the agency and client names (Yes, we’re kind here at PRNewser.)

(City)-based creative agency (name) is helping (brand) tap into the trend of new traditions for the holiday season with a “Re-gift Rap Battle” campaign to introduce the limited-time offer (product.) Seeking to build “brand love” aligned with the emotionally charged and context-rich holiday season, (agency) has developed a six-market non-traditional sampling event, combined with a national radio campaign, based on the theme of Re-gifting – a fresh take on recycled gift giving. The campaign highlights the evolving lifestyle of (product’s) diverse, urban and twenty-something customers who are open to embracing new traditions.

Ok, so without being too harsh, we re-read that paragraph several times and still don’t really understand what they’re trying to get accross here. Plus, we’d avoid using phrases like “brand love,” “context-rich” and “the trend of new traditions for the holiday season.” We’re not quite sure what the former means, so best to avoid that kind of jargon all together. Hey, at least they’re promoting recycling.