Pirates and Cupcakes on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by DAU

This week’s list of fastest-gaining Facebook games by daily active users holds an unusual number of mid-sized games that just keep growing, week after week. It’s led, though, by Pirates Ahoy, a new title by Electronic Arts.

Here’s the full AppData top 20:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1.Original Pirates Ahoy286,094+261,556+1,066%
2.Original Baking Life1,051,448+193,187+23%
3.Original 守衛家園195,915+189,191+2,814%
4.Original Fashion World734,642+187,424+34%
5.Original Ninja Saga916,979+185,225+25%
6.Original Fanglies197,438+122,483+163%
7.Original Games808,522+94,727+13%
8.App_2_347486061825_9369 Cafe Life188,537+91,853+95%
9.Original 德州撲克762,225+58,130+8%
10.Original Tarjetitas130,869+56,652+76%
11.Original Nightclub City845,726+52,701+7%
12.Original Ameba Pico119,254+50,917+75%
13.Original Mall World712,237+45,438+7%
14.Original Millionaire City710,038+44,084+7%
15.Original My Vineyard210,704+42,014+25%
16.Original World at War145,839+40,962+39%
17.Original Kingdoms of Camelot590,600+37,709+7%
18.Original Bloom Town37,497+35,245+1,565%
19.Original FrontierVille6,260,764+33,360+1%
20.Original Bejeweled Blitz3,229,900+32,005+1%

We actually reviewed Pirates Ahoy on July 8th, but this is the first significant growth we’ve seen for the title. It appears that Playdom decided to take a couple weeks to work all the bugs out of Pirates before beginning to advertise for the title.

Baking Life is one of those aforementioned titles that has been around for a while but keeps growing. The ZipZapPlay restaurant management sim just topped a million DAU, which places it firmly within the ranks of significant games. Below it, you can see several more mid-sized titles with a similar growth profile: Fashion World, Ninja Saga, Nightclub City and Mall World, most notably. (Cafe Life, further down, is similar in its love for cupcakes.)

守衛家園, a new Chinese-language title from Boyaa, is worth a look for those that can navigate it. It’s a tower defense game with a twist; the area to be defended is a river, with boats traveling from one end to another through a hail of attacks.

Finally, there’s Fanglies, a new vampire-themed game from Playdom. We’ll likely see this game again on our Friday list of emerging titles, along with some of the other new games shown.