Pinterest to Marketers: Get Your Mother’s Day Campaigns in Gear

Searches and saves related to the holiday begin ramping up around mid-March

Some 33 million Pinterest users have saved approximately 252 million Pins related to Mother’s Day, which falls on May 14 this year.

Creative strategy lead, West Brad Spychalski said in a blog post that about 70 percent of U.S. moms are active on Pinterest, spending an average of 124 minutes per month on the social network.

Spychalski suggested that brands launch their Mother’s Day campaigns quickly, as searches and saves related to the holiday begin ramping up around mid-March and steadily rise until the actual day.

His advice to marketers, via the blog post:

What people save varies over time, so we recommend a multistage marketing plan.

People planning ahead tend to look for experience-related Pins to design the perfect day. For your early campaigns, we suggest showcasing more involved, do-it-yourself-lite projects, like hosting mom for brunch or planning a daylong road trip. We also see a lot of searches for things like “activities,” “projects” and “gift baskets.” Consider how your brand’s campaign can contribute to creating these unique gifting experiences.

But not everyone plans ahead. In fact, one in five children forget to celebrate mom altogether. In the last couple of weeks before Mother’s Day, people start looking for more turnkey, easy-to-purchase presents. At that point, your strategy should highlight simple, thoughtful and beautiful gifts. Examples include home decor, wall art, at-home spa kits and apparel or accessories.

The right targeting can also help you reach Mother’s Day shoppers. Try targeting interests like “travel,” “photography,” “gardening,” “beauty,” “style” and “home décor.” You should also try these keywords: “mothers day,” “mothers day gifts,” “mothers day crafts,” “mothers day quotes,” “mothers day crafts for kids” and “happy mothers day.”

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