Pinterest Becomes a Better Place for Discovery With Related Pins

The new related Pins feature shows users things similar to what they've already pinned and customizes the recommendations based on whether or not users give the Pin the thumbs up or thumbs down.

Pinterest has been busy this year adding features to make itself more useful. On Friday it announced a partnership with Getty Images to provide image data. This week it announced a new “related Pins” feature.

The idea with related Pins is to help users discover more of the things they like and related pins will be delivered based on other Pins users have saved and liked. “So if you’ve been collecting recipes for your big holiday feast, we might show you a related Pin for fool-proof pie crust, or the perfect double-stuffed sweet potato,” the blog announcement says.

According to the blog post, the feature will roll out slowly to “make sure you like what you see.” Users can also give pins the thumbs up or thumbs down and feedback will be used to control what related Pins show up in the future.

This feature reminds me a little of the Music Genome Project from Pandora where music discovery was facilitated based on the kinds of music you liked and listened to previously.

“If you like the Pin (and we hope you do!), give it a thumbs up and we’ll keep showing you similar stuff…And the more thumbs you give, the better your related Pins get,” the blog post says.

In terms of becoming a more useful place for discovery, it seems like Pinterest is on the right track. Nice to see a social network growing up while still being conscious of the users base that made it what it is today.

Featured image credit: mkhmarketing