Pink Showed the World How to Deal with Trolls

Twitter trolls...they are 'just like a pill'


Grammy-winning artist Pink has not had it easy coming up.

From nearly overdosing when she was 15 to having to deal with today’s image of what a pop singer should look like, the girl born Alecia Beth Moore has typically been a non-conformist.

Following her recent appearance at the John Wayne 30th Annual Odyssey Ball on Saturday night in Beverly Hills, we think people should be conforming to her way of handling things with grace.

pink daughter
ICYMI: Courtesy of Perez Hilton

Before we get into that, let’s take a poll from the real people in the PRNewserverse: Does she look fat?! 

Right. Moving on.

PR is all about perception. And the perception about Twitter and famous people is that genuine compliments usually get ignored because of the excess fawning of fans, and most people are mindless gnomes.

One such invertebrate had nothing else to do on a Saturday night, so she thought to bother Pink, (who is looking very nice next to her precious little girl, Willow).

What transpired has become a lesson in how to exterminate trolls and look classy doing it!

First, the attack:

Can we just note if the said recreant hobgoblin has 8th-grade grammatical issues with homophones, you know this is going to be good. Next, the amazing response:

There is no response. She did, however, have another point to make, and we should be so glad that she did:

Mic. Dropped. Thanks for playing!