Pillow, Volcano, Graffiti Apps Beat Holidays for New Monthly Active Users on Facebook

The new year is producing plenty of movement within our weekly list of the top 20 applications by monthly active users (MAU). The past week saw popular holiday applications sliding from their top spots, headed for an obscurity that will likely last until Valentine’s day.

In the meantime, others are doing well — although overall growth numbers are significantly lower than last week, when Blingee Book had shot to the top with over eight million new users (this week it’s number nine). Several games have taken over top spots, along with a mix of other apps. Here’s the list. For those not familiar, it shows how many new MAU the top 20 apps have gained in the past 7 days.

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Pillow Fight12,081,145+2,488,511+20.60
2.icon Tiki Farm3,631,691+2,023,720+55.72
3.icon Entrevista tus Amigos5,510,036+1,759,883+31.94
4.icon Graffiti5,110,907+1,723,350+33.72
5.icon Happy Island7,516,717+1,649,209+21.94
6.icon Zoo World12,044,503+1,548,891+12.86
7.icon Dante’s Inferno3,895,226+1,356,560+34.83
8.icon Blingee Book10,294,302+1,263,565+12.27
9.icon Quiz Planet!12,943,152+1,263,012+9.76
10.icon Happy New Year 2010 by Kari5,935,394+1,185,262+19.97
11.icon Causes23,623,043+1,162,283+4.92
12.icon Texas HoldEm Poker23,581,467+1,097,176+4.65
13.icon Facebook for iPhone24,083,433+954,205+3.96
14.icon My Year In Photos3,671,533+804,207+21.90
15.icon My Year In Status7,230,636+780,306+10.79
16.icon Who Missed You today?1,974,586+762,488+38.62
17.icon Music10,424,510+737,819+7.08
18.icon @Smiles5,659,494+707,615+12.50
19.icon Country Life6,693,223+676,886+10.11
20.icon Zoosk6,578,825+627,047+9.53

One shift worth noting is that Petville, Zynga’s latest game, has dropped off the list and into negative territory, at least in terms of MAU. We’ll be talking a bit more about that over at Inside Social Games. Here are some details on the top five apps:

Pillow Fight — This app began its rise just before Christmas, and has risen to the top from number three last week. It’s along the lines of your standard “poke” application, but with plenty of additions: Rankings, points and currency (coins), and a selection of 312 different pillows sorted by category. The top player, believe it or not, has over 42,000 wins under his belt, and others are in hot pursuit. The title is up 20.6 percent to over 12 million MAU.

Tiki Farm — Playdom released this game in mid-December, and it has expanded fairly steadily since. Last week it was only number 19, but its growth picked up slightly thereafter. This is a Farmville-style game, but with an island theme; a volcano takes up about a third of your beginning farm, and the graphics are a bit more cartoonish. Up 55 percent to 3.6 million MAU.

Entrevista tus Amigos — Or, translated from Spanish, “Ask a Friend”. Ask them what? Pretty much anything, but if all you speak is English, you might not fit in with the userbase, which also appears to include a large number of Filipino speakers. Virality is built in to the app; to use it, you have to ask a question, and if you get an answer it gains a new user. Besides letting you ask friends questions, Entrevista also has a “Question of the Day” for all users to answer.

It’s built by Mappdev, which also has a less successful English version called, what else, Ask a Friend. The app rose 31.9 percent to 5.5 million MAU.

Graffiti — This app, which allows you to draw on friends’ walls, was hardly growing at all before the end of last week. There’s no clear sign yet of why it has picked up the pace, but four days of growth served to spike Graffiti up 33.7 percent to 5.1 million MAU.

Happy Island — There are some pretty clear thematic similarities between this Crowdstar game and Tiki Farm, above, but the game itself is more of a theme park builder, with tiny animated tourists wandering back and forth between the shops and attractions you build. Like Tiki Farm, this game was also released in mid-December, and actually has more total users; it’s up 21.9 percent to 7.5 million MAU.

One to keep an eye on for next week: Zoosk, a dating application that made the bottom slot this time. Dating apps haven’t done terribly well on Facebook so far, but Zoosk just took $30 million in early December, so it has plenty of cash to spend on acquiring users.