Phrases Reboots With a New Version on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by MAU

Just a few days after surpassing FarmVille as Facebook’s largest app by monthly active users, Phrases has fallen back below the farming game — exactly as we predicted it would. But developer Takeoff Monkey appears to have a new plan. The developer has never spoken out that we know of, but it does have a new version of Phrases that is ramming its way up the rankings:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1.App_2_139706616078480_4339 Phrases (new)14,164,363+3,788,546+37%
2.App_2_120956284629356_2299 Tag Friends4,263,425+2,419,721+131%
3.App_2_181606049889_436 Social Fun5,713,423+915,841+19%
4.App_2_159048707462697_4831 Vegas City2,746,935+877,045+47%
5.Original phrases 4 fun1,928,386+741,652+62%
6.Original FrontierVille29,271,413+603,957+2%
7.Original JibJab2,228,025+541,238+32%
8.Original Birthday Greeting Cards624,743+534,018+589%
9.App_2_125318280856717_8426 Island God1,515,461+419,956+38%
10.App_2_142727279103775_7311 Hollywood City3,107,475+414,168+15%
11.App_2_130972710269090_3907 Social Statistics3,585,676+404,123+13%
12.App_2_56030979237_7341 Frontier Bonuses396,762+395,938+48,051%
13.App_2_164819630206264_37 Epic Fighters721,374+381,723+112%
14.Original Game of Truth1,289,812+371,011+40%
15.Original ABC.com775,989+359,779+86%
16.Original xo Hearts xo1,473,180+348,795+31%
17.Original Quizazz3,315,133+332,750+11%
18.App_2_129547877091100_7928 Crime City6,256,827+327,563+6%
19.App_2_118323554871143_5308 Entrevista Amigos1,358,411+326,113+32%
20.App_2_128246950529106_698 Bar World635,811+310,334+95%

In total between the two versions of Phrases, Takeoff Monkey now has access to about 67 million MAU, which by that measure places it well ahead of any developer except for Zynga.

Quite a few apps besides Phrases are doing well on this week’s list — in fact, the usually dominating game category only holds six of the 20 total entries, starting with Vegas City at number four. Ahead of that game we have Tag Friends and Social Fun, which both use variations of the quiz and wall post mechanic that makes Phrases successful. Phrases 4 fun, after Vegas, does as well.

JibJab has lurked in the lower-growth sections of the list for several weeks. Like several apps that we’ve pointed out recently, it is not, in fact, an app at all; what you’re seeing is a count of how many Facebook users log into using their social network credentials. JibJab shut down its dedicated Facebook app several months ago, but the decision doesn’t seem to have hurt it. We’ve covered the company’s successful use of Connect over the years, see its guest post from last November for more.