Phrases Makes a Full Comeback on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

There are some huge gains to be seen on this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook apps by daily active users. The first is CityVille, whose 10.5 million new DAU is more than the gains of the other 19 apps on the list combined:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. CityVille 11,555,697 +10,504,044 +999%
2. Phrases 7,239,021 +1,162,459 +19%
3. Phrases (new) 1,744,928 +783,353 +81%
4. Zuma Blitz 769,683 +748,594 +3,550%
5. Causes 1,349,374 +453,855 +51%
6. Badoo 935,634 +317,583 +51%
7. Windows Live Messenger 10,809,791 +305,983 +3%
8. Hey I Like 981,696 +268,998 +38%
9. Give Hearts 1,415,399 +196,136 +16%
10. @Hugs 1,139,426 +186,182 +20%
11. @Hearts 1,050,206 +179,326 +21%
12. Horoscopes 3,024,249 +166,019 +6%
13. @Smiles 1,139,096 +162,750 +17%
14. Monster Galaxy 187,912 +161,825 +620%
15. Café World 3,742,255 +160,199 +4%
16. Quiz Planet 997,714 +135,405 +16%
17. The Fortune Teller 602,514 +124,932 +26%
18. 德州撲克(中文版) 1,321,500 +108,683 +9%
19. Likelicious 336,004 +104,628 +45%
20. Christmas – Natale – Navidad – Noel 121,833 +101,668 +504%

As we note this morning over on Inside Social Games, several of these apps are new and growing rapidly, which creates a prematurely inflated view of DAU. CityVille’s actual gain of over six million DAU is impressive enough, though.

Phrases is just as interesting. The app has mostly recovered from a dip that was likely produced by its being blocked in the United States, coming close to its previous highs. If it keeps growing, it could easily become Facebook’s largest app by monthly active users again, though in terms of DAU it has no chance against FarmVille, the current leader.

As you can see for yourself, Phrases is joined by Phrases (new), which is also by developer Takeoff Monkey. Combined, the two nearly identical quiz and quote apps have a total of almost nine million DAU, all among international users.

Zuma Blitz, at number four, is a new Popcap casual game that’s worth a try, if you’re into arcade action. It’s followed by Causes, which is enjoying a short-term spike in growth.

Finally, Badoo is offering a Hot or Not-style dating app on Facebook. It’s trying to be a bit different, though, by mimicking the data analysis that OKCupid, a larger web dating portal, does. But where OKCupid digs in data for the fun of it, one gets the feeling that Badoo has marketing in mind; its latest report on the best pick-up lines is currently winging around the internet, having made it into high-level publications like Reuters.

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