Photobucket's got some new features

pblogo166bgwhite.gifLong before Flickr or Picasa, there was Photobucket. For awhile Photobucket has been the standard for uploading and sharing photos to the web. Through Photobucket, you can easily upload you photos and link to them in your blogs or site. But aside from being a storage for people’s photos, Photobucket doesn’t seem to have improved through the years. It is still the same Photobucket that we used. There might be some changes before but it not never really made an impact to photobucket. Until now with the opening of its API to third party developers.

The opening of the Photobucket API seems to have made good impact to Photobucket users and spectators. Several cool and nifty applications have already been developed. What’s interesting about this applications is the fact that most of them, if not all, are leaning towards making Photobucket web 2.0-relevant.

Photobucket currently works with Blogger, Facebook, Friendster and Freewebs. Users of those platform can easily upload photos on their site using the Photobucket available for them. Photobucket currently offers gobs4sale application which helps you raise money for a worthy cause. Other social networking/blogging applications available in Photobucket includes; Livejournal, MySpace, Piczo, Scrapblog, Snapvine, Socializr and Tagged.