Photo, voice memo sharing app Digisocial comes to Android

Digisocial, Inc. has announced the launch of its popular photo-sharing app on Android. After a successful launch on iOS earlier this year, the Digisocial app was downloaded more than four million times across iPhone and iPad, as users adopted the program as a way to share both voice clips and images at once.

The Digisocial app (our review) allows users to take pictures using real-time filters, comment on community photos, and share images via Twitter and Facebook. In addition to text comments and photos, users can record voice recordings that are posted alongside each picture, or can be recorded as a comment on another’s photo, instead of posting a comment through traditional text.

Since launch, Digisocial has published a series of updates to the app, which will be available in the stock version of the app on Android. A new explore feature allows users to filter content by large regions, countries or individual neighborhoods, and privacy settings have been updated so users can set their profiles to be completely private.

“The amount of downloads we were able to achieve with our iOS app is proof that the world is hungry for new and more robust ways to share,” said David Guo, CPO of Digisocial, via a company release. “With our expansion to Android, we are providing a large audience from around the world to connect with in new ways, empowering interactions with optional audio in a seamless but robust sharing experience.”

Digisocial isn’t the only company looking to combine images with other forms of communication. The recently launched Instagram video adds up-to-15 second video clips to the photo-sharing mobile app. Within 24 hours of the video update, Instagram saw over five million videos published on the service.