Photo Tagger Makes it Easier to Tag Your Facebook Photos En Masse, the creators of Photo Finder, has just released Photo Tagger, a new application which allows Facebook users to easily tag their Facebook photos and those of friends as well. Photo Tagger uses facial recognition software to scan for photos of you and your friends and then apply appropriate tags to all photos in one step.

The application could be a helpful tool for users with large photo albums or backlogs of pictures without tags. Photo Tagger searches your albums and those of your Facebook friends, grouping individuals in batches. You can then apply any applicable tags to these pictures, and push all the tags onto Facebook at once.

Businesses that have taken large numbers of pictures for events or marketing purposes could also benefit. Adding tagging info to photos helps Facebook Pages’ SEO rankings, and promotes a good amount of traffic. It adds a personal touch to pictures on your page, and clients and employees will both appreciate that you’ve taken the time to note them as participants in your events.

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