PhoneMyPhone helps you escape boring meetings, blind dates and more

Technology is cool and technology is useful. But sometimes it can be bad too. Bad in the sense that it can be used to serve a purpose that displays a little bit of dishonesty. But nonetheless, it serves a personal purpose. That is what PhoneMyPhone is in a nutshell.From its name alone, you could already deduce what PhoneMyPhone is all about and what it does. Yes, the service lets you phone your phone and let you set the time when your phone will ring exactly. So, with phone my phone’s calling feautures, you can practically escape a boring meeting just by telling phonemyphone to call you at anytime during your meeting. Just make sure that the meeting that you are into is not that important, or else you might lose your job.

Another creative way of using it when in the middle of a blind date, granting that you don’t like your date. Just be prepare to show off some really good and convincing acting to make him/her believe that you just got a very important call and that you have to take off immediately.

But that is not all what phonemyphone can do. You can also use it when you misplaced your phone. And a landline or a friend is not around to call your phone. So, that takes care of the good side of phonemyphone service.

Anyway, phonemyphone is still a cool service. And if you are interested to use it, just visit phonemyphone, enter your phone number, specify how many times you will be called and set the schedule when the call will be made. Then wait for your own call to come on your mobile phone. Neat!

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