Philly Sports Blog Teams Up with CSN Philadelphia

The700LevelLogo.jpgPhiladelphia sports blog, which got its name from the cheapest and highest seats in the late Veterans Stadium, teamed up with regional sports network Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia and its Website, founder Enrico Campitelli Jr. announced the move in a blog post, stressing that the tone of the blog will not change despite its new corporate ties. Highlights follow:

Today, I’m excited to announce that has entered a new stage in its history. We have officially partnered with Comcast SportsNet and will retain editorial independence, while tapping into the unique access, technology, and resources of Comcast SportsNet in Philadelphia.

Over the past five years, through two business-consulting jobs and a two-year stint in grad school, I’ve spent the majority of my free time trying to make this site as fun, entertaining, and interesting as possible. Now, it will be my full-time job to do so. Perhaps the best part of it all, we get to keep the band together. While I’ll be working on the Level full time, Matt, Andrew, and Kulp will continue contributing their same fantastic takes on Philly sports that you’ve come to expect out of them.

You may be thinking: Why now? Will the site change at all? All fair questions. Through hard work and solid writing, blogs have fought their way into the mainstream media conversation. has enjoyed somewhat of a first-mover advantage in the Philly-sports-blog space. We’ve been doing it a long time, and I like to think we do it pretty well. But there were maybe two or three other Philly sports blogs in existence when I started. Now there are hundreds. This move allows us to not only differentiate, but to also put my undivided attention and effort into making this site a must-visit destination for Philly sports fans.

Plus, we get to call Philly sports gurus like Jim Salisbury, Tim Panaccio, and Ray Didinger co-workers. Ray Diddy!

Not a whole lot will change right away besides me probably having to work a lot harder. But that’s a good thing. It gets lonely in my parents’ basement. Eventually, we’ll probably spruce up the site design a bit — something that’s been long overdue — and add some other new elements I hope you’ll enjoy.