Phase 2: Everyone’s Trying to Cash In On Charlie Sheen

Phase one: Charlie Sheen comes out of nowhere with some of the most outlandish behavior ever. Phase two: People try to find a way to capitalize on Charlie Sheen’s outlandish behavior.

SiriusXM Radio announced today that they’re airing Tiger Blood Radio, a channel dedicated to the “breaking news, facts, fallout and career implications” of all things Charlie Sheen. The channel will air from March 5 at 6a.m. ET to March 6 at 6 a.m. ET. So far, the channel is planning to rerun interviews with adult star Kacey Jordan, among others. As Brian Stelter noted on Twitter: “it’s a 24-hour-long stunt. they probably hope charlie will call in.”

A Charlie Sheen-inspired drink has been concocted. Spirit Airlines has done a Charlie Sheen-inspired e-mail advertising blast. The Bakersfield Condors, a minor league hockey team, are hosting “Charlie Sheen Night.” And a beverage company has offered Sheen $3 million to endorse its energy drink. We’re sure there’s more, but we’ll stop there.

Of course, he’s being paid to tweet. In addition to the $3 million, Charlie Sheen hopes to further capitalize on his notoriety; he announced the name of his forthcoming book on Twitter, Apocalypse Me. (You’ll recall his dad was a star of Apocalypse Now.) Apocalypse indeed.