Pharma Company’s Humorous Take on Infertility

With help from its PR firm WCG, EMD Serono, a Merck pharma company, is jump starting a previous campaign focused on fertility issues with a new initiative, “Birds & Bees: The Real Story.” A Facebook page is at the center of the campaign, and it features a funny rap video starring a couple in a bird and a bee costume.

From what I understand, this isn’t usually a topic that people chuckle over. The press release for the campaign emphasizes that issues with conceiving are common and usually treatable, few with IVF. But still, a rapping bird and bee?

“By taking a lighter approach, “Birds and Bees: The Real Story” hopes to reach people who may be confused, embarrassed or afraid to talk about fertility questions or concerns and make it more mainstream to discuss, share with others and get medical help, if needed. And the comments so far have been receptive of this approach,” David Stern, EVP of endocrinology at EMD Serono told us via email.

Among those comments: a women who said the video made her “laugh through my tears” and another who wrote, “Honesty, a few facts, and a good dose of humor” is helpful.

Healthcare pros, how often do you use humor in your campaigns and what’s the key to success? The comments section and @PRNewser is open.