Personalized Channels Added to YouTube Leanback

YouTube added Personalized Channels to its YouTube Leanback service for larger screens, allowing users to create channels based on videos they have previously viewed or topics. Product manager Christina Ilvento wrote on the YouTube Blog:

When we launched Leanback in July, we wanted to create a simple, easy-to-use YouTube interface for the big screen. Since then we’ve graduated Leanback out of TestTube, added the ability to place ads to bring in more partner videos, and launched a YouTube Remote that lets you control your YouTube Leanback experience from your Android mobile phone. In our latest iteration, we’re enhancing the video discovery experience in Leanback with a new feature called Personalized Channels.

Personalized Channels is built to tackle one of the big challenges for our users: What should I watch next? It’s a bit like having your own personal video-delivery butler, serving you relevant videos that reflect what you like, or find interesting. For instance, if you create a “fail” channel, it will start out showing the best fail videos we can find, and then gradually start branching out to pranks, funny commercials, and other related topics. It will also adjust itself based on how you interact with the videos shown and get better the more you watch and interact with them.

Here’s how it works. Start by signing in to your YouTube account and go to and select “Create Channels.” We’ll suggest personalized channels to you based on the videos you have watched in the past. To create a new personalized channel, choose from the suggested channels or just type in a topic, like “cooking.”