Periscope Adds Highlights Trailers, Embedded Tweet Support, Android Auto-Play

Just one day after Facebook Live added several new features, Twitter’s Periscope live-streaming application followed suit.

Just one day after Facebook Live added several new features, Twitter’s Periscope livestreaming application followed suit.

Periscope announced the launch of Highlights, which automatically generated short trailers containing highlights for every Periscope broadcast, as well as the ability to play Periscope broadcasts in embedded tweets and auto-play live broadcasts in Android.

Periscope offered more details about Highlights in its announcement, saying that it will be available on iOS and Android “in the next few days”:

With so much to watch, we want to make it easier for you to find the best moments on Periscope. We’re introducing a new feature called Highlights, which automatically generates a short trailer for every Periscope broadcast. You can watch highlights of your home feed to catch up on broadcasts you missed from the last day, highlights of somebody’s profile to get a flavor for their previous broadcasts, or highlights of any search result (like #NoBillNoBreak or “pottery”) to get a convenient overview of any topic.

We look at a variety of signals to determine what parts of a replay should be included in a highlight and will continue to improve these signals over time. We hope that highlights make watching multiple replays an easy, engaging and seamless experience.

The app also provided the following examples of Periscope broadcasts within embedded tweets, adding that Twitter users can search for #Periscope along with other keywords on Twitter to find Periscope broadcasts to embed.

Finally, on auto-play, Periscope wrote:

On Android, live broadcasts will auto-play in the watch tab and global feed without sound, so you can see what’s happening around the world immediately when you open Periscope. If you find a broadcast interesting, you can simply tap to get the full live experience.


Periscope added that auto-play for iOS will be “coming soon.”

Readers: What are your initial thoughts on Periscope’s new features?

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