Perfect World Entertainment announces publishing plans for mobile games

Image via Perfect World Entertainment

Free-to-play publisher and operator Perfect World Entertainment has today announced an expansion into the mobile space. The company looks to takes its ample experience on PC and translate that to success in core genres on mobile, including action RPGs, trading card games, mobile MMORPGs and MOBAs.

Perfect World will function as both a developer and a publisher on mobile, and has announced its first four global publishing partners: iFree Studio, Agent Disco, Fugazo and Sneaky Games. The four developers are responsible for trading card game Elemental Kingdoms, RPG adventure game The Null Society, turn-based multiplayer game BombBuds and MOBA Arena of Heroes, respectively.

“Perfect World knows how to build great free-to-play games, how to excite hardcore gamers and how to trust great studios with their own creative visions,” says Fabien-Pierre Nicolas, General Manager of Mobile at Perfect World Entertainment Inc., via a company statement “With Perfect World’s experience and focus, we believe we will not only break into mobile, but will become a leading mobile developer and publisher.”

Perfect World will continue to operate as a publisher on PC, adding to its catalog of already successful games, including Torchlight and Neverwinter.

“I met several publishers but only one team took the time to visit our studios, share in our vision of the game and play our game for hours,” added David Godwin, Co-founder of Sneaky Games. “Perfect World trusted us to deliver the first turn-based MOBA and we are excited to be partnering with them on Arena of Heroes.”

Perfect World joins companies including Yodo1 and Wooga, which have also announced new publishing plans for mobile developers. Developers interested in learning more about Perfect World Entertainment are encouraged to visit the company’s website.