Pepto Bismol Tweet Proves to be a Runny Decision

Social media policies are a real thing. At least, they should be when it comes to large corporations. Content strategy, link building, hashtags and trends. And then there’s that whole proofreading thing.

Research for sources should be three-deep. Mandatory. Editing shouldn’t be any different.

You are not perfect. I’m not perfect. In fact, by the the time you read the end of this sentence, you will release your brain read over a second the. (See what I did there?) Every once in a while, you’ll find a brand that isn’t familiar with the snarky side of social media wants to flex its skills and take them out for a spin.

Enter into the fray, Pepto Bismol?

So, um…about that. If you are going to come with it, let’s be sure you push away from the kids table first. Typically, you are precluded to what causes tummy aches and advising foodies that mixing all that cheese with salsa isn’t a great idea. And then, last week, your social media team forgot they work for Pepto Bismol.

And then, there’s that unfortunate comma. (Yes, they should have used a colon, but oh well.) To wit, Pepto Bismol didn’t delete anything. Instead, they owned it, took that chalky, pink smoothie and went for the gusto:

You would think an apology would be in order, given its corporate face, but not so much. If you scroll through the Pepto-Bismol timeline (which is a rather gross thought to consider in the first place), you will discover Pepto has fired its buttoned-up former social media manager, and hired a Favstar tweeter (like yours truly).

Was the comma on purpose? Who cares. When you rock magic like this, and half the nation sees your brand trend, maybe the unexpected works from time-to-time. I know I was really impressed, as was the rest of the PRNewser team.

Next, let’s work on that pink salve tasting good, okay? Thanks.

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