People on LivingSocial Prefer Whole Foods To McD’s

LivingSocial offered a sweet deal for McDonald’s fans today:  $13 for five Big Macs and five large fries, a 50 percent discount. The idea is not that one should consume all this food themselves (although you can since the vouchers can be spread across multiple visits), but that it should be given as a gift for the holidays; “the perfect stocking stuffer for friends and family everywhere,” the deal says.

At this point, more than 187,000 of the deals have been sold with 10 hours remaining. However, the deal has not been deemed a resounding success when compared to the frenzy surrounding the Whole Foods deal a few months ago. Slate blames two factors.

The first is the lack of sharing caché on a McDonald’s deal. No one wants to brag on Facebook and Twitter that they just got a deal on Big Macs.

Second, the people on LivingSocial are affluent, so Whole Foods occupies a spot closer to their stomachs than McDonald’s does.

The numbers notwithstanding (and they’re not too shabby, as far as we can tell), we saw LivingSocial was trending on Twitter earlier today, the media is covering it, and one consumer psychologist tells TIME that this is the perfect time for fast food chains to offer discounts because, with Black Friday, people have deals on their minds. We’ll guess that both McDonald’s and LivingSocial are pretty happy with the way things went even if LivingSocial members typically have slightly more gourmet tastes.