Psychographic Twitter Insights Take Your Brand Beyond Mentions And Retweets

There’s a reason why Twitter’s ad revenue is expected to reach $1 billion in 2014 – it really IS the best bang for your marketing buck.

But although marketing on Twitter can be a significant boon to your business – do you know what’s even better? “Identifying where Twitter users exist elsewhere on the Web.” And PeekAnalytics does just that.

PeekAnalytics “offers an unparalleled level of demographic and psychographic insights from consumer data aggregated not just from Twitter, but from over sixty social sites and every major blog platform.”

It offers “Social Audience Reports” that include the following insights:

  • Social Use: Identify social affiliations, activities, and network size.
  • Demographics: Get statistically relevant age and gender breakdowns.
  • Geographic: See city, state, and country level data.
  • Interests: Discover audience affinities within 25 different categories.
  • Career: Uncover in which industries your audience works.
  • Income: Find out your audiences’ purchasing power.
  • Education: Know what type of schools your audience attended.
  • Pull: Measure how well connected a person or brand is on the Internet.

What does that look like?

The folks at PeekAnalytics shared a report they did on Sheryl Sandberg’s Twitter following. She’s only posted a handful (giant’s handful) of tweets, but has 54k followers. We guess being the first lady of Facebook comes with such perks.


Pull is a good measure of how influential @sherylsandberg ‘s audience is, compared to the average Twitter account – 1x is average, 2x is twice as much as average, and so on.

Influence, for the purposes of this calculation, is gauged by how well connected @sherylsandberg ‘s Twitter followers are across sixty social sites, compared to the average consumer.

A higher Pull suggests you have important people in your audience, and are thus better able to spread your message far and wide.




So there’s that.

But even more interesting (to us, at least) is where you’ll find Sheryl’s followers elsewhere online. This could tell you where to spend those extra marketing dollars.

78% of @sherylsandberg’s followers have Facebook profiles – that’s expected. But learning that she has more followers who use Quora than the typical Twitter user does could be great intel to have, if you’re Quora-savvy, that is.

In a nutshell? It helps you “better identify and qualify social audiences and target content to create highly converting social initiatives.” Chew on that for a little bit – and then check ’em out!

(Image from Shutterstock)