Peace, Love, Rainbow Light and Instagram Face Filters

Users can add new filters to photos and videos in Instagram Stories before sharing them

Instagram's newest face filter was inspired by its community

Instagram users have two new face filter options in Stories: rainbow light and “hippie.”

The rainbow light filter (above) places a rainbow on the screen. Users can tap to switch between a horizontal and vertical rainbow, and they can tap away from the rainbow to make it move across the screen.

In a blog post, Instagram said this rainbow light filter was inspired by the community. Earlier this year, HuffPost UK highlighted the popularity of the rainbow effect on Instagram, as users were creating their own rainbow filters through other means.

Meanwhile, the hippie filter allows users to add doodles of peace signs, flower crowns and other elements to their faces. Users can tap each element (glasses, shirt, etc.) to swap between different options, and they can also tap away from the doodles to replace their face with an animated, color-changing background.

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