Paul Kedrosky Blog Launches on

First announced last month, Infectious Greed founder, technology and finance analyst, and venture capitalist Paul Kedrosky officially launched his new blog on, and he will contribute across other Bloomberg properties, as well.

Bloomberg will also be the exclusive seller of advertising on Infectious Greed, which will continue to operate as a separate site.

Kedrosky said:

I’m teaming up with Bloomberg because it’s the pre-eminent provider of global financial and economic news, data, and information. We see things in similar ways: We love data, visuals, and synthesizing across economics, markets, sports, science, technology, and current affairs.

Bloomberg Businessweek editor Josh Tyrangiel added:

Paul has a strong voice in the business blogosphere, and his deep knowledge of finance and technology will complement our current roster.

And Bloomberg Web properties global head Kevin Krim said:

This type of model, pairing high-quality advertising with a must-read contributor across our unique and broad range of media assets, is a key strategy for us.