Patrol the Streets in Meter Maid City on iOS

Meter Maid CityAirport Scanner developer Kedlin, in association with Pocket Gems Publishing, has announced the release of Meter Maid City on iOS devices. The game asks players to take on the role of a rookie parking enforcement officer, as they place tickets on vehicles, or even have them towed to the impound lot. The game is about more than simply ticketing illegal parkers, however, as players will need to avoid traffic, enraged citizens and more while on duty.

In each instance of Meter Maid City, players drive around town in a scooter, with the scooter’s basic forward momentum and stopping power controlled by the game. That is, the game will automatically turn around corners or stop at street lights without input from the player. However, gamers can swipe on the screen to change lanes and avoid oncoming traffic (and the speeding tow truck), or swipe to speed up or slow down their acceleration, even stopping if things get out of hand.

Since the scooter moves automatically, players can focus most of their attention on the parking meters that line the streets. If a meter is red, players drag a ticket to the associated vehicle before they pass by. If a vehicle is parked illegally in a handicap spot or in the fire lane, users can tag the vehicle for towing, and the helpful tow truck driver will drive into action immediately to clear them from the space. Gamers have access to parking boots to stop cars from leaving a space without paying their ticket, traffic cones for blocking users from parking in specific spaces along the street and more.

Meter Maid CityThings like parking boots are free, but limited in quantity, as they weight the scooter down. When players run out of parking boots, they can draw a line, or route, on the map back to the parking office to restock. It should be noted that serial parking offenders must be stopped with these boots. Otherwise, they’ll see the scooter coming and will run away without paying their tickets, even faster than the tow truck can arrive to impound their vehicle.

If a serial offender gets away, users can access the DMV Database and flag vehicles with unpaid parking tickets. The game then highlights these cars in orange back in the game, so users can easily spot them (and boot them) the next time they park.

As players complete shifts, they’re encouraged to also complete a series of missions relating to their rank as a parking enforcer. Moving from the first rank to the second, for instance, requires players to use a snitch, catch a serial parking offender and use a parking boot at least once. Occasionally, special bonus missions will also appear, like races against police cars and challenges that see players working to earn bonus cash as fast as possible (in these cases, bonus cash can be earned by properly ticketing and tagging vehicles while moving at the scooter’s highest rate of speed).

Players earn money as they progress, and can spend this money on upgrades for their existing scooter, or new scooters entirely. Each scooter has stats for top speed, acceleration, braking ability, agility and payload. In addition, players can spend their money upgrading the overall town, building additional blocks to patrol and upgrading existing blocks to make any parking tickets received in those areas worth more.

These blocks come in multiple types, including residential and retail blocks, and some add rare cars to the streets, which are only available in those specific block varieties. Players can even build a post office, capable of delivering new parts to the parking office for purchase.

“With Airport Scanner, we realized that people have a lot of fun playing the “everyday anti-hero” by taking a job like a baggage screener and giving players a peek into their world,” said Ben Sharpe, CEO of Kedlin, in a statement. “Meter Maid City takes the same tongue-in-cheek approach of poking fun at the world of parking enforcement while creating a really enjoyable game.”

Meter Maid City is available to dowhnoad for free on the iTunes App Store.