Will It Take Another Suicide Before Parents Start Talking To Teens About Twitter?

In what appears to be a growing trend, high school students are making anonymous accounts on Twitter to harass and bully other students.

This latest instance comes from Worthington, Minnesota, where a student created a “gossip girl” style account and began posting personal tidbits about classmates.

If you’re a parent of a teen, you need to read this.

School officials and police are investigating the account that is said to have included “explicit and derogatory statements” about students. We don’t have any of the tweets from the account to share with you as it’s suspended, but we DO have reactions from some of the students – disturbing reactions.

It seems this person had quite a few supporters who didn’t get how horrible this was:

Why point these tweets out? Because parents assume their teens know better – but MANY do not. Too many. And we’re guessing these kids aren’t stupid, thoughtless kids. And that’s the scary part.

Bullying is a big deal. And when it happens online, it’s amplified in a way that many parents do not understand. But they need to educate themselves about this stuff – quick. Here’s why:

This is not going away. Whoever made the account will get caught – and hopefully prosecuted for harassment:

As the administrator points out: Parents need to step up.

So the question here is: Do you talk to your teen about what they’re doing online? Shouldn’t you?

(Mom talking to daughter image from Shutterstock)

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