Parents Charged with Stalking Order After Tracking Daughter’s Cell Without Permission

Privacy issues are complicated and Instagram and Facebook are not the only parties accused of violating such sacred rights. In a complex and contentious case, a Judge has ruled in favor of a 21 year old student who has accused her parents of stalking her via the use of hidden spyware on her computer and cell phones.

Aubrey Ireland brought her parents to court after they threatened to take her away for mental evaluations. In her defense, Aubrey said her University has hired security officers to keep her parents away during her acting and singing performances. The university has also offered to pay for the remaining senior year of tuition since her parents also has withdrawn their financial assistance.

While this is an extreme example of parenting paranoia, it should be a clear reminder of how easily technology makes private data accessible to third parties. Family members and federal investigators are bound by similar privacy rights though this is not guarantee against such infractions.

In the case of federal wiretapping, Obama has recently renewed FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act), which allows for secretive wiretapping until 1217 without public transparency. While many Americans were in an uproar about Instagram’s questionable privacy policies, the FISA Act had bipartisan support. What privacy sacrifices are Americans willing to make ? If the law stands, the answer is clear – wiretapping for national security is ok but selling private photos for profit is not.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s privacy and tagging policies hits home for the Zuckerbergs – perhaps Mark had not informed his sister of Facebook’s tagging policy?


Via Mashable

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