Creates First Branded Twitter Newspaper for HBO’s Game of Thrones

It looks like, the popular Twitter newspaper curation service, is setting itself up to become the “Facebook Page” for Twitter. It has just announced a partnership with HBO’s new series Game of Thrones, providing a daily curated newspaper composed of multimedia pulled from tweets about the show.

A press release last week announced the partnership, which is hinted at being the first of many for

Fans of Game of Thrones can visit the branded page to see a daily newspaper about the show. pulls choice tweets from the thousands sent each day, and organizes them into a newspaper-like format, complete with sections like “technology”, “arts & entertainment”, and hashtags.

A regular newspaper includes all of these features, but this partnership features something new: a branded background, header, and “advanced curation and management features” that will be rolled out to publishers in the future.

This could potentially be a powerful platform for brands, celebrities, politicians, and anyone looking to create a strong presence on Twitter. By collecting all related tweets in a daily newspaper format, brands can provide their audience with a central place from which to view the top, most relevant tweets and attached multimedia.

There is a lot of similarity between a branded and a Facebook page – curated content, daily updates, and interaction between the brand and its audience. It will be interesting to see whether these branded dailies will take off with big brands, and whether they’ll eventually offer some competition to Facebook pages in the future.