Panty Raid on North Korea by Swedish Lingerie Company

Ah, remember the days, fellas? You go to camp, sneak out of the cabin and find that one unsuspecting cabin off in the distance. The next morning, there they are — bloomers hanging on the flagpole rippling in the wind. God bless America, indeed.

Well, thanks to a story in Time magazine, this stunt of prepubescent immaturity could start World War III.

Ripped from the press release: A Swedish underwear company announced Tuesday that it recently “love bombed” North Korea with “weapons of mass seduction” in the form of 450 pairs of hot pink underwear, a move that is ever-so-slightly tone deaf given the country’s escalating issues with sex trafficking.

Yes, kids. That’s real.

Björn Borg was thinking of a sweet marketing campaign for their lingerie. What’s something that would engage folk and get us on the news? And then this happened: They allowed consumers to vote for the country “in most need of love and seduction.” Nice idea, right? Only someone thought schtick would be a great prank, so the home of the militant midget and Dennis Rodman’s BFF was chosen for a real “love bomb” of airdropped lingerie.

That’s right, North Korea!

“We had planned how we would pursue an airdrop, and we could have done it almost anywhere in the world – except North Korea,” marketing director Lina Söderqvist all-too-incredulously explained to Swedish-English news site The Local. “It was impossible to do an airdrop in North Korea, someone would get hurt.”

Love that. “Someone would get hurt.” Yeah, dunderhead. Thanks to your idiot “weapons of mass seduction,” that someone would be All of America. Appreciate the concern.