Panono: Throwable, Panoramic Ball Camera That’s More Awesome than Affordable

Panono is an incredibly fun camera that takes 360° X 360° degrees of images using 36 tiny cameras – just throw it in the air and the ball’s accelerometer will capture a photo from the highest point. Next, you can use the accompanying app to view the images by moving your smartphone or tablet in the direction you want to see. Images are at 72 megapixels, so you can pinch and zoom to view all of the incredible details.

However, for the cost of the Panono ($499) you can buy a new iPad Air and still have a nice dinner. Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept and I love photography. If I was throwing money out the window, I’d want this ball thrown back at me. It’s neat – but do I really want to take 360 degrees of images on many occasions? Hardly. Certainly for $499 I can get more accessories for my DSLR.

So, let’s assume I don’t want to buy this camera, but still want to use it maybe once or twice a month – shouldn’t there be a place to rent it? Apartments in San Francisco are getting smaller, and having the ability to rent gear like this Panono is not only economically efficient, it’s going to keep my home more tidy.

Currently, I use the VSCO app for smartphone photos, a Canon DSLR for professional photography, and a digital Harinezumi for analog style digital photography. I also have a Brownie camera, a Nikon camera, and so on. Quite frankly, I’m over-dosed on camera gear. I need a camera rental store with just neat camera toys like this Panono. Anyone, please, make it happen.

Here’s a demo of the interactive 360° X 360° degrees of images.