Pairs, Polls and Shades of Farmville in This Week’s Top Emerging Apps on Facebook

There’s a certain balance to this week’s list of emerging apps still under a million monthly users, taken from AppData: among its several foreign language offerings, there are two in Chinese, two in French and two more in Turkish.

The pairs don’t stop there, either. Note Polls and Poll Daddy Polls, which are neck and neck in the third and fourth spot.

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Calendario de Amigos833,208+605,733+72.70
2.icon Akinator530,743+341,237+64.29
3.icon Polls660,152+331,383+50.20
4.icon Poll Daddy Polls711,520+325,182+45.70
5.icon 開心寶貝708,918+281,729+39.74
6.icon 你問我答526,650+277,260+52.65
7.icon Birthday249,147+159,868+64.17
8.icon What’s your Actual Age?684,404+146,153+21.35
9.icon Temple of Mahjong 2374,338+128,089+34.22
10.icon Sanalika214,568+125,929+58.69
11.icon Show Some Love!509,697+118,468+23.24
12.icon Blessings†133,408+118,404+88.75
13.icon Oyun175,425+115,549+65.87
14.icon The Pink Ribbon310,943+114,206+36.73
15.icon Spot The Difference422,603+109,866+26.00
16.icon Friends of FarmVille 🙂109,258+106,412+97.40
17.icon Dr. Phil’s Personality Test571,547+103,954+18.19
18.icon Band of Heroes742,508+98,763+13.30
19.icon Doorbell980,468+90,286+9.21
20.icon What is the symbol of your personality?429,818+83,413+19.41

Last week we called for Poll Daddy to take the lead based on its success across the broader web, and it does still have more MAU. But Polls has slightly more daily active users, and doesn’t appear ready to give up the contest. It has also grown more strongly since the beginning of January, as seen in the chart below.

Moving down, Birthday and What’s your Actual Age?, coming in at seven and eight, obviously share a theme as well. But the next app of real interest is The Pink Ribbon, which plays off the popular breast cancer symbol. Whether this app is affiliated with any aid organization is questionable, but it’s not a good sign that it asks users to download a toolbar and give personal information up for marketing studies.

And don’t miss Friends of FarmVille 🙂, which follows in the footsteps of the slightly larger apps FarmVille Cash and FarmChat. The idea behind them all is to help Farmville players coordinate better and gain more levels in that game.

Zynga managed to get one app of this sort shut down (Farmville Gift Sender), but the developers of the others are apparently learning to walk the line and avoid copyright violations, while still riding off Farmville’s success. But Zynga shouldn’t get too upset at these feeder apps — their growth is little more than a symptom of Farmville’s continuing success.