‘Painting With Fire’ is Today’s Free eBook Download

painting with fireToday’s free eBook is Painting With Fire, a murder mystery novel by writer K.B. Jensen. The ‘who dunnit’  story starts with a mysterious dead body buried near Claudia Wilson’s apartment complex. In following the murder trail, she discovers her own fears and uncovers a budding subplot for romance:

Claudia Wilson never quite trusted her roommate, an artist named Tom. After finding a body buried in a snow bank outside her front door, her suspicions about his eccentric behavior only worsen. Unemployed and obsessed with the murder, she realizes how little she knows about the people who live around her, including Tom. Tempted by love but unable to trust a man with a past in light of the murder, Claudia does everything she can to find out about the killer. The results lead her to a startling discovery. When art and violence collide, the results can be explosive.

Painting With Fire, is available as a free download from Amazon on Tuesday 5/13/14 and Wednesday 5/14/14.  As of this writing, the book has an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 20 customer reviews. For more free eBooks, check out our 10 Websites to Download Free eBooks list, as well as our Free eBook of the Day archive.