Oxygen Live to Go Full-Time for All Original Series

Due largely to the success of incorporating its Bad Girls Club series with its Oxygen Live real-time social-media component, Oxygen announced that Oxygen Live will go live year-round, for every one of its original series.

Oxygen will present the first-ever live streaming of After Hours following Tuesday night’s episode of Bad Girls Club, and it credits Oxygen Live for helping to drive ratings, as well as Web traffic, for the hit series.

Among series that will get the Oxygen Live treatment, according to the network: new dating competition show Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too, which debuts March 16; and the new season of Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, set for an April 5 premiere.

Oxygen Media general manager Jason Klarman said:

Oxygen Live creates a live television experience with non-live programming. That live-event, real-time water cooler has driven huge viewer engagement and extreme ratings growth.

And vice president of digital and new media Jen Kavanagh added:

We’ve been tracking the social behavior of our audience for a long time, before it was “cool.” We knew that developing an experience that hyper-served this behavior would reshape the way this generation watched television forever and for the better. Committing to it for all shows, both coasts, was a no-brainer.