Owen Van Natta Leaves Facebook With Shares in Hand

According to Kara Swisher it appears as though Owen Van Natta, the current Chief Revenue Officer is leaving the company. This is following a summertime change in position that left him with an apparently lower title. It appears that Owen has greater aspirations of being CEO of a “consumer web company.” If he was hoping to become CEO of Facebook it looks like his hopes had been dashed and now he is moving on to hopefully bigger and better things (pretty hard to do considering Facebook is the hottest pre-IPO company in the valley currently).

The exit appears to be a smooth one and best of all Owen Van Natta gets to leave with his Facebook shares in his portfolio. As Vauhini Vara points out, “Mr. Van Natta is the first high-profile executive to leave the company since its rise in popularity last year.” Is this a sign that Van Natta sees Facebook at its growth peak for at least the next few months? Probably not, it simply means that Van Natta is not happy in his current position.

It also appears that the role of the position has been fulfilled given that a Facebook spokeswoman stated that they don’t plan on hiring anybody to fill the position “in the near term.” This is just a small management reshuffle and while it may be a sign of internal conflict, reading any further into the event would not be worth while.