OutCast Communications Rebrands as The OutCast Agency

OutCast Communications has rebranded as The OutCast Agency, launching a new website yesterday. Founded in 1997 as a hi-tech firm, Alex Constantinople, the firm’s new partner and COO, said the new name reflects the shifts that have happened over the past 13 years.

“Both the words ‘hi-tech’ and ‘PR’ have evolved and changed so much,” she said, adding that the client base and the type of work the firm is doing now is different. “The name change helps us encompass what we are. It will help us as we continue to evolve our services.”

The firm still works with tech clients such as Facebook and Yahoo, but also lists companies like Nike among its clients. After the jump, an excerpt of the e-mail that was sent to clients yesterday.

I am thrilled to officially announce that OutCast Communications is now The OutCast Agency, continuing an evolution that has been in progress for quite some time.

OutCast was founded as a high tech PR firm in San Francisco in 1997. Since then, the world has changed. Dramatically. Our move to The OutCast Agency embodies the same mission we’ve always had – bringing together the best people, the best clients and the best work. We’re still the same team of passionate, creative, and strategic OutCasts that have been working with you to build brands and create value for 13 years, we’re simply continuing our expansion of services beyond a traditional definition of PR.

Internally, the firm has also experienced some change. Constantinople was brought in last month. And following Margit Wennmachers’ departure in June, the firm transitioned to a partner model, now with six partners on its management team. Below is an excerpt of the internal memo that went out this summer announcing that change.

The cool thing about being an OutCast is that we keep evolving – if we didn’t evolve we would be bored and not at our best.  Standing still has never been an option.

Today we are announcing new roles on the account side – the role of Partner. Like great consulting, law, and VC firms – we are creating a Partner model of senior people running key parts of the business.  We think this structure will position us well for the future, and allow all of you more room to grow and take on new responsibilities.