OurPrayer.org Brings the Power of Praying to the Social Web

ourprayer_logo.gifCall it divine intervention or what, but I’m possibly being reminded to renew my faith being born a raised as a catholic. And that reminder had to come in the form of a niche social networking site, OurPrayer.org which I stumbled upon while researching for an article to write for Rotorblog. Just in time for the coming Lenten Season which is celebrated by the whole Christian community, OurPrayer.org offers individuals who still believe in the power of prayer a virtual community. OurPrayer.Org united people through prayers. It allows members:

  • to create their own prayer spaces where they can share and reflect,
  • create prayer blogs or personal prayer journals,
  • invite friends and family to create an online prayer group,
  • for church leaders, they can create a prayer space for their congregation or prayer networks.

As a virtual community for prayers, devotees and soul-searching, OurPrayer.org has daily devotional thoughts, submit form for prayer request, featured blogger, featured audiocasted prayer and many more.

If you are so into praying and prayers, you can even volunteer to help others realize the power of prayers and what it can do to enrich lives.

If you are joining the site (which is free by the way), would appreciate if you can pray for Rotorblog to have more page views and community members. And pray for me as well.