Our Picks For Top 5 Viral Videos Of The Week

This week YouTube has been booming with funny, shocking and enlightening videos. From cute animals to news bloopers, music videos, iPad shenanigans and more, there was a huge selection of great YouTube videos this week. Here are a few of our favorites, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

iPad Tortured To Death In Mass Social Experiment

Since the release of the iPad there have been a whole slew of videos reviewing, as well as destroying the device. Dogs and cats have checked out the iPod in YouTube videos and even 2-year olds find it easy to use. However, our favorite iPad video is one posted yesterday by TheAlexJonesChannel. In this video, the iPod is literally tortured to death by every method you can think of, from drilling to Chinese water torture to bullets.

Unicorn After Wisdom Teeth

This video was posted in March, but took off this week after it was reviewed by Equals Three last Thursday. The video shows a girl feeling the effects of drugs after having her wisdom teeth removed. The things she says are priceless!

Embedding has been disabled but you can view the “Unicorn After Wisdom Teeth” video here

Standing Cat IN BOOTS!

‘Standing Cat In Boots’ is one of our top picks this week not only because it’s hilarious, but also because it really shows the power of taking a hint from other popular videos when it comes to creating viral videos of your own. This video has gotten nearly 1 million views in five days, all because the creator saw something he could add to an already popular clip and ran with it.

Interviewee FAIL

I have no words to describe this video, you just have to watch it for yourself. This man is absolutely bonkers, and it’s no surprise that this video has gone viral this week!

Earl and Tiger Remix (Lion King Edition)

There have been a huge number of spoofs and parodies of the new Nike Tiger Woods commercial uploaded to YouTube this week. One of our favorites replaces the voiceover with Mufasa’s ghostly speech from the dead in The Lion King. Something about this clip just works, and it has taken off as one of the most popular parodies of the commercial.

What were your favorite viral videos this week?