Twitter Users Complain that News of Osama’s Death Interrupted “The Apprentice”

As jaw-droppingly unbelievable as this article’s headline is, it’s true: dozens (and likely more) of Twitter users took to the network this week to complain that the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death interrupted the TV show they were watching. And, while we don’t have a sarcasm detector handy, many of the tweets seem genuinely upset that “The Apprentice” was put on hold for “some stupid speech” by the President.

The “Where’s My Apprentice” Tumblr blog has compiled some of the most stunningly ignorant tweets we’ve seen in a while. Take a look:

And it goes on. There are dozens of tweets on this blog from people complaining that a message from their President (at 10:30pm on a Sunday, a strange time that sent alarm bells ringing through the heads of anyone even remotely tuned in to global politics rather than Celebrity Apprentice) interrupted their favorite Sunday night TV.

I wonder how Trump himself felt…

This might not be surprising to some of you, but it shocked me. Sure, you might love the Apprentice… or the Simpsons, or reruns of America’s Funniest Home Videos so much that it annoys you for a millisecond that it’s being interrupted… but I can’t believe that so many people would fail to see the importance of a last minute, late night address from their President.

I guess tweeting about your annoyance is a way to be funny, maybe, but after reading all of the tweets on Where’s My Apprentice, I’m pretty sure most of them were seriously annoyed by the interruption. Sigh.

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